35th Anniversary logo for Friends of Casco Bay

Working With . . . 750 Citizen Scientists

Peter Milholland
Photo by Kevin Morris

Talk about a work-with approach!

Friends of Casco Bay’s Citizen Stewards Coordinator Peter Milholland has recruited, trained, and nurtured hundreds of EPA-certified water quality monitors. Peter also supervised dozens of high school and college interns, many of whom have been inspired by their association with us to pursue careers in the environmental sciences.

Peter’s volunteers universally laud him for his patience, warmth, and caring oversight to ensure that their data can stand up to any scientific scrutiny. That data has provided an overall appraisal of the health of the Bay over 25 years and is helping us identify new questions that need to be addressed in the future.

As a scientist, Peter conducted his own research with as much exactitude as he generated from his volunteers, earning great respect from colleagues, regulators, and researchers alike. As Friends of Casco Bay’s boat captain, his mechanical acumen and vigilant care sustained our Baykeeper vessels for over two decades. His piloting skill always brought them home safely through fog, ice, and growling seas.

Captain Peter will continue to sail on Casco Bay as he embarks on his newest venture: ecotourism. You may see him aboard his new boat, Pamela B, teaching residents and visitors alike about what makes Casco Bay the special place he has worked to protect for more than 22 years.

We sincerely thank him and wish him Bon Voyage, on many levels!