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Wild and Scenic Film Festival

Top 11 reasons to attend our Wild & Scenic Film Festival

September 18, 2018

Wild & Scenic Film Festival Saturday, November 3 3-7 p.m University of Southern Maine 88 Bedford Street, Portland Tickets are on sale now $30 in advance $35 at the door, if available It’s our 11th Film Festival, so here are the Top 11 reasons to attend: #11   Be proud that you are supporting Friends of Casco Bay by… Read more

This year’s film list:

Imagination: Tom Wallisch The snowy streets of Nelson, British Columbia, are the backdrop for a new extreme sport: urban skiing (4 min)

Blind Sushi A blind travel writer and the world’s first sustainable sushi chef forage and dive in search of a culinary solution to an ecological challenge. (17 min)

Grandad Granddad’s morning constitutional in his rowboat Five Minutes Peace could be the inspiration we all need to get ourselves up at dawn. (2 min)

Loved by All: The Story of Apa Sherpa Apa Sherpa holds the record for the most ascents of Mount Everest–21 times–yet he yearns for more for the children of rural Nepal. This film has subtitles. (14 min)

Music of the Spheres Blind astrophysicist Wanda Diaz-Merced ascribes sounds, from a harp to a human voice, to signals from space to discover insights that other scientists have overlooked within the symphonies in the sky. (5 min)

Sky Migrations Stewards from British Columbia to Argentina track a “river of raptors” across two continents during the fall migrations of eagles and hawks. (16 min)

The Lightbulb Changer Filmmaker Thorben Rath answers the question: How long does it take to change a lightbulb? An entire day, if the lamppost is taller than the Empire State Building. (4 min)

Lost in Light Striking images of the night sky reveal what city lights obscure. (3 min)

Chasing Wild: Journey into the Sacred Headwaters Three friends bike and raft 250 miles through the sacred headwaters of the Tahltan nation in British Columbia, to underscore what could be lost if a massive open pit mine is allowed to proceed. (13 min)

Ghosts of the Arctic Nature photographer Joshua Holko traverses the frigid high Arctic to get close to polar bears. (7 min)

Wildlife and the Wall The Rio Grande is vital to humans and wildlife on both sides of the border between Mexico and the United States. (5 min)

Water Warriors “Water is the gift of life” motivates citizens in New Brunswick to fight exploration by a Texas oil and gas company with a reputation for contaminating water wherever it drills. (21 min)

Love of Place When an invasive olive tree threatens to take over a beautiful desert river in Utah, a park ranger makes it his life’s mission to chop down every one. (10 min)

Where the Wild Things Play  This rowdy ode to female athletes leaves no doubt that women can conquer any challenge nature puts before them. (4 min)

One Week at a Time An epic kayaking journey one week a year over 32 years, reunites four friends. (11 min)

To learn how the Wild & Scenic Film Festival got started visit SYRCL’s (South Yuba River Citizens League) Wild & Scenic Film Festival On Tour information page.