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Casco Baykeeper Boat trip
Taking our partners out on the Bay provides them with a different perspective on problems that affect the health of Casco Bay. Photo courtesy: Beth and Steve Westra

What Do We Mean by “Work With”?

Friends of Casco Bay has been described as the “eyes and ears of the Bay.” Hearing what others have to say about protecting the health of Casco Bay is part of our job. With the extreme positions that some people are staking out these days, listening sometimes seems to be a forgotten art.

Says Executive Director Cathy Ramsdell, “Our advocacy efforts are based on a ‘work with’ approach to solving environmental problems. Rather than being adversarial, we prefer to collaborate with community members, local businesses, and decision makers, to find solutions that are both environmentally sound and economically viable.”

“We will always come down on the side of what’s best for the Bay,” affirms Cathy. “And we truly believe that most people in Maine feel that way as well.”

Here are some of our recent efforts to find the middle ground that best serves the waters of Casco Bay:

Working With . . .

the Portland Water District

the Portland Pesticides Task Force