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Water Reporter Event: Salt Marsh Restoration

On June 29, Water Reporters are invited to Wharton Point in Brunswick to learn about salt marshes from an expert scientist. Salt marshes are under threat from erosion, rising sea levels, and green crabs. Come and learn about these important coastal ecosystems in Casco Bay and what to look for as Water Reporters when observing changes in salt marshes.

Thank you to all the Water Reporters who made it to our kickoff event at Winslow Park in May.

If you’re not already a Water Reporter, please sign up and join us! We would love to see you at this event.

At the event, coastal geologist Peter Slovinsky will lead a lesson about all things salt marsh. Peter works on salt marsh restoration projects among his many duties as a sea level rise and coastal erosion scientist with the Maine Geological Survey.

RSVP by emailing sfreshley@cascobay.org. We hope to see you there!

This image from early spring in 2021 shows a “living shoreline” at Wharton Point in Brunswick. Living shorelines are a technique for stabilizing eroding salt marshes while maintaining the ecosystem’s natural land-water interface.

What: Salt Marsh Restoration Water Reporter Event
When: Thursday, June 29 from 5:00-6:00 p.m.
Where: Wharton Point, Brunswick (Wharton Point is at the southern end of Maquoit Road)

As always, please reach out to Community Organizer and Volunteer Coordinator Sara Freshley if you have questions or want to meet face-to-face to talk about Water Reporter and Casco Bay. Sara can be reached at sfreshley@cascobay.org
or at (207) 807-0785.