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Two Things Boaters Can Do for the Environment

Take my flares . . . please!

bucket of expired flaresResponsible mariners face a dilemma. The Coast Guard requires that most vessels carry three flares to use in the event of an emergency, but the flares expire in three to four years and have to be replaced.Chemical Waste Disposal like Pyrotechnic flares are classified as hazardous waste, which requires a level of care and attention beyond what is usually required needed when disposing of normal waste. so how do we dispose of them? Seek the help of experts !


Boaters have tried storing expired flares in buckets of water in their sheds, shooting off flares, or throwing them in the trash. The only safe, environmentally responsible way to dispose of expired flares is by incineration. Casco Baykeeper Ivy Frignoca is working with Representative Jay McCreight of Harpswell and State Fire Marshal Joe Thomas on a plan to deal with those stockpiles of expired marine flares. Thomas encourages boaters to call his office at (207) 626-3870. His staff can collect expired flares and take them to an approved State-owned incinerator. Stay tuned for
more details about this program.


Take my sewage . . . please!

On a busy summer day, Pumpout Coordinator Jim Splude may service up to 20 small boats, transporting raw sewage for shoreside disposal.

Pumpout Coordinator Jim Splude operates the Baykeeper II, our mobile pumpout service. Since 1995, our pumpout
vessel has kept nearly 180,000 gallons of raw sewage out of the Bay. Pumpout customers appreciate the service.
“It definitely makes it easier on them,” Jim comments, as he can schedule an appointment to pump out their marine toilet without the owner needing to be present. At an average of $10 a service call, there aren’t many better deals around!

Weather permitting, pumpout service begins just in time for Memorial Day. To request a pumpout, contact
pumpout [at] cascobay [dot] org or (207) 776-0136.