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Thank you for being a Friend of Casco Bay

Dear Friends of the Bay,

As we reflect on all that happened in this watershed year at Friends of Casco Bay, we are thinking most of the many people that make our work possible.

Volunteers are a part of all of our efforts. They collect data, support our advocacy, and lend much needed hands at our events

Our community partners, like the 2022 Casco Bay Awardees, work with us to reduce pollution and address climate change.

Members are behind everything we do. From funding our monitoring to providing the clout behind our advocacy (decision-makers know a community of Friends has our back), members are the backbone of our organization. 

Whether you’re a volunteer, community partner, or member, we’re so grateful to count you among the many Friends of Casco Bay. We wish you a happy New Year and look forward to working with you in 2023.


Will Everitt
Executive Director