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Strong storm delivers heavy runoff to Casco Bay

Water Reporter Alert: High Volumes of Stormwater Runoff

We have received reports of high volumes of stormwater runoff entering Casco Bay, following yesterday’s thunderstorm and rain throughout the night.

We look to you to help us track the impacts of strong storms on a changing Bay. If you have time today, please post Water Reporter photographs of streams, rivers, stormwater outfalls, and any other outlets delivering runoff and stormwater into Casco Bay.

Stormwater is a major source of pollution to Casco Bay. Rivers and streams collect runoff that can contain a toxic mixture of car exhaust from our streets, fertilizers and pesticides from our lawns, and even sewage from our wastewater systems.

John Henson, a good Friend of the Bay, contacted us this morning with photos of Mill Creek taken from route 88 in Falmouth Foreside. “I’ve never seen this much stormwater before,” said John in his message.

If you can help us today, adjust for weather and safety. No photo, however dramatic, is worth getting injured or swept away! Also be sure to follow all State of Maine and Centers for Disease Control guidelines regarding the pandemic.

Thank you for helping us keep an eye on Casco Bay.