Ship’s Log: 9/6/2012 Part 2

Posted on Sep 6, 2012

Hang On



Shortly after noon, the owner showed up along with our broker, Bill Full, to perform a sea trial. This is basically a test drive. Those on board were Joe, myself, our Friends of Casco Bay board president Malcolm Poole, Bill Full, the owner Chuck Cressy, the surveyor Mark Cork, and the engine surveyor Bill Hartley, a total of seven passengers. We headed off down the river towards PortsmouthHarbor and the mouth of the river. Our plan was to run the vessel to see if it could achieve the speed it was listed (30 mph).


The trip down river was actually a very interesting ride. The currents are wicked and tend to push boats all over the place. There was a giant cable-laying vessel that was about 100’ long, tied up to a pier. As we approached the mouth, we saw the Piscataqua, the newly built gundalow boat used for educational programming on the river.


Once outside the river, Chuck turned the controls over to Joe to test her out. After a few maneuvering tests, Joe put the pedal to the metal! The seas were roughly 3-4’ because the winds were headed inshore, and the tide+current from the river were headed offshore, making for a bit of a sea. As the boat picked up speed, I could see all passengers reach for something to hold on to. The boat took off like a rocket! We pounded while we went in a large circle. I glanced over at Chuck and saw his eyes open wide with a bit of terror at how fast we were going. Later when we started heading back up river to the marina, Chuck turned to Joe and said, “I’ve NEVER gone that fast with this boat before – and I never want to again. That kind of maneuver just sealed the deal – this boat is yours.


After a bit of paperwork over the next few weeks, the boat was, indeed, ours.