Ship’s Log: 4/18/12

Posted on Apr 18, 2012

The quest for a new Baykeeper boat begins in earnest!

BHM/Seaworthy 28

Joe and I went to meet Steve Law, a rather tall, slender, rugged gent with a bit of what some people would call a permanent five-o-clock shadow. He looked like your typical carpenter/homebuilder with a pair of worn Carhartt’s and a hooded sweatshirt that also looked well-worn. What struck me right away was that he had a set of strange black-rimmed glasses, kind of old school looking. As I listened to him talk, I couldn’t get my eyes off the glasses, as I was trying to figure out why they had these odd bumps on each side of the rims. As it turns out, there were small flashlights imbedded on either side of the rims – cool!  I was ecstatic about this discovery because I am in lots of situations where I need my reading glasses and both hands free to remove something but I need to hold a flashlight, too. A headlamp sometimes works but is not always ideal. Ah, the simple things in life that just make you smile. Anyway, we chatted with Steve about his Seaworthy 28  for about three hours and discussed whether it was going to meet our needs. We had heard of a few on the market, so we knew we wouldn’t need to purchase one new.

We found Steve’s shop off the beaten path, tucked back from the road. We almost drove right by it because we were looking for a more substantial place, like a big barn or place with all kinds of boat parts strewn around the yard. What we found instead was a neat and tidy building set back from the road, nestled amongst the trees, with one truck outside. The barn doors were open, and we could see the bow of a new but smaller Seaworthy 25 that being worked on.