Ship’s Log: 2/6/13

Posted on Feb 6, 2013

Glass from the past


Dyer’s soda blasting mobile unit

Back in September of 2012, when we had our Marine Surveyor, Mark Corke, look over our boat, one of his findings was that the hull on this vessel never had a barrier coat applied before the bottom paint went on. This is bad because it allows moisture to be absorbed into the fiberglass hull, thereby causing what is known as blistering. This can significantly decrease the life span of a boat. A barrier coat is a unique two-part epoxy coating developed to protect fiberglass hulls from water absorption, which can lead to osmotic blistering. When applied correctly it create an overlapping barrier to help stop water migration through the coating. We are going to have the Interprotect® system put on by New England Fiberglass Company of Portland, Maine, but in order to apply the barrier coat, we must have the old paint removed.



Dyer’s Soda Blasting to the rescue! Dyer’s Soda Blasting is a multi-media sand blasting company. They take pride in the quality of their work, their safety consciousness, and use the latest and greenest technology to strip and clean almost any surface, using safe, non-toxic blasting media. Dyer’s uses food-grade baking soda, walnut shells, and 100% recycled crushed glass, to provide the appropriate custom profile their customers request. For our boat, Dyer’s used recycled glass because apparently it will result in the best texture for applying the barrier coat and subsequent anti fouling paint.


Jim Dyer, owner of Dyer’s Soda Blasting, and his assistant, arrived around 10 a.m., set up sheet plastic as a tent around the boat, and began blasting the hull. The process is very much like using a sand blaster or pressure washer, where a large generator pumps air and soda, or in our case recycled glass, in the form of a very fine powder, through a hose and nozzle. The operator directs the fine blast material onto the hull of the boat and, voila! – It’s gone. Here is a link to Dyer’s Soda Blasting of Litchfield, ME, for more info: