Ship’s Log: 1/7/13

Posted on Jan 7, 2013

Progress – I guess……..


Rusted turbo

Fuel injectors


370 HP Yanmar engine removed from the boat

Today at about 07:15, I hear a soft bum bump from my phone. Wow, whose texting me at this hour? The screen says Dana@Yankee. The note says: “swing by before going to work I’ve got something to show you” So, I show up looking for Dana, coffee in hand because I don’t want to piss him off before he really gets into this job. Anyway, I walk into the Mechanics’ shop and our engine is sitting in the middle of the room. When we last met, we had discussed that it would be best for them to pull the engine to get at all the various hoses, pumps, and new stuff that we wanted added, so I wasn’t too surprised that it had been done. Dana says that the Turbo is shot, the engine mounts are stiff and in need of replacing, the injectors have been pulled and look ok, the two fuel tanks had been pulled and are in need of a paint job to prevent corrosion. The shaft sprung so hard that it lifted up about 2 inches above the engine’s drive plate when it came undone. Dana said he had to pound on it to free it up once he pulled all the bolts from it. One odd discovery was that the shaft had two cutlass bearings, one on the outside of the Keel and another on the inside. Dana called AJ the builder to ask why he had done it that way, and his answer was it keeps the engine in line……… a very curious answer for sure. So now the add-ons start coming into the picture. New turbo – ka-ching. New motor mounts – ka-ching.  Painting fuel tanks – ka-ching.  Now we’re getting into the real work plan, not just what we discussed beforehand. Whenever you work on a boat, there are always going to be unexpected repairs and expenses you hadn’t counted on, and these were some of them.