Ship’s Log: 10/24/12

Posted on Oct 24, 2012

Goin shoppin’

Once the boat was in our possession, Joe and I started making plans to refit her for our research work and routine Baykeeper patrols. Since Chuck was an avid fisherman, he had the boat decked out with a bunch of fishing gear that we didn’t want. Also, there were several modifications we wanted to make to the engine, so we ran a list. We then met with three boatyards to get quotes for mechanical work and fiberglass repairs. After lots of deliberations with our savvy Boat Selection Committee members, we decided to award the mechanical work to a local boatyard in Yarmouth, Maine, called Yankee Marina & Boatyard. They have one of the best reputations for working on Yanmar marine engines in New England, and we wanted the best. They are about a 45-minute ride up the Bay from our office, which will be convenient for future work, if necessary. The fiberglass work was awarded to David Hoar at New England Fiberglass in Portland. We’ve had work done by David before and we have great respect for his work. While splitting the work between two yards isn’t always the best thing to do when having your boat worked on, we wanted to get the best from both organizations and spread the work amongst local yards.