Our Work

Friends of Casco Bay works to improve and protect the environmental health of Casco Bay through advocacy, education & outreach, water quality monitoring, and collaborative partnerships.


Casco Baykeeper

A founding member of the international Waterkeeper Alliance, Friends of Casco Bay is home to the Casco Baykeeper. This person heads up our advocacy efforts, working to ensure existing environmental laws are enforced, winning new protections for the Bay, and responding to citizens concerns and unexpected threats to the Bay. Learn more.



Water Quality Monitoring

DSCN0363Our award-winning program engages more than 50 volunteers every year to collect comprehensive and scientifically sound data on the health of the Bay. Our program was the first EPA-approved water monitoring program in the state and has served as a model for similar programs from Maine to Alaska. Learn more.



Serving as a model for the state of Maine’s YardScaping program, BayScaping spreads a “grassroots” ethic for ecological landscaping, with the goal of reducing the amount of toxic pesticides and fertilizers used on lawns around the Bay. We meet with residents & business owners to offer Bay-friendly lawn care techniques that protect the health of our famlies and our marine waters. Learn more.


Casco Bay Curriculum

We created the Curriculum to help local 4th-6th grade teachers incorporate locally-focused environmental education into their science curricula. Its innovatives lessons & activities are helping teachers around the Bay inspire an ethic of stewardship in their students. This year’s Professional Development workshop offered by Friends of Casco Bay will be titled Exploring the Ocean through Science and Children’s Literature. Learn more.



The first of its kind in Maine, our Mobile Pumpout Program provides a safe, easy, and legal way for boaters to empty their holding tanks. Since launching the program in 1995, we have helped keep more than 100,000 gallons of raw sewage out of the Bay. Learn more.


What Distinguishes Our Work

We are:

  • Locally-focused: We are the only organization whose sole focus is protecting Casco Bay.
  • Science-based: The positions we take are backed up by data collected by our highly trained staff and EPA-certified volunteers.
  • Pragmatic: We are results-oriented, striving for measurable outcomes that protect the environment.
  • Collaborative: We know that protecting the Bay is a group effort, so we work closely with scientists, government officials, businesses, residents, and other partners.