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Collecting Data to Help Protect the Health of Casco Bay

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Join us for What is Casco Bay telling us?

October 8, 2020

This year has been unprecedented. Casco Bay is exhibiting changing conditions that may impact our community, marine heritage, and our economy in years to come. Join Executive Director Cathy Ramsdell, Casco Baykeeper Ivy Frignoca, and Staff Scientist Mike Doan for a conversation about what we have been seeing out on… Read more

What warming waters could mean for Casco Bay

October 7, 2020

  This year has been one of the warmest on record. Why is that bad for the health of Casco Bay? Check out this short video as Staff Scientist Mike Doan takes a quick dive into our Continuous Monitoring Station’s data to share one of the biggest reasons we should be… Read more

Donate to Climate Change and Casco Bay Fund

September 9, 2020

We are 91% of our way to our $1.5 million goal! Help us go over the top! Friends of Casco Bay is creating a $1.5 million fund to be used over the next ten years to understand how Casco Bay is being affected by climate change. We will launch and… Read more

Keeping up with the Casco Baykeeper

September 4, 2020

For Casco Baykeeper Ivy Frignoca, the summer has been full of moments of concern and moments of magic. How was your summer? Summer means being on the Bay! Staff Scientist Mike Doan and I continued to collect our seasonal data on the health of Casco Bay by land and sea.… Read more

More eyes on Casco Bay

August 25, 2020

The meaningful observations by hundreds of Volunteer Water Reporters are making a difference for the health of Casco Bay, especially during COVID-19. Casco Bay encompasses 200 square miles of water, has more than 578 miles of shoreland from Cape Elizabeth to Phippsburg, and includes hundreds of islands. To help keep… Read more

How rainstorms affect the Bay

August 18, 2020

Today’s rain reminds us that heavy rainstorms can deliver a significant insult to the health of Casco Bay. Rainwater runoff resulting from intense storms flows into the Bay, bringing with it a host of pollutants including nitrogen, pesticides, oil, and heavy metals. If rainfall is heavy enough, the large dose… Read more