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Baykeeper Speaker Series

We deliver fun, informative, and compelling presentations about Casco Bay, that inspire residents to join our efforts. Our current, most popular topics are below. We would be happy to explore with you any other topics related to our work.

A Changing Casco Bay: An update on the health of our coastal waters

Friends of Casco Bay works year-round on threats to clean water, such as sewage overflows, oil spills, and ocean acidification, as well as green slime, red tides, and dead zones triggered by nitrogen pollution. Get an update on the health of our coastal waters and learn how Casco Bay is changing, and what you can do.

How Is Climate Change Affecting Casco Bay—and You?

Get out your galoshes. Scientists are predicting a two-foot sea level rise along the Maine coast and a 2-8 degrees Fahrenheit rise in the water temperature in the Gulf of Maine over the next century.* Changes in ocean chemistry already are making many clam flats inhospitable to shellfish. The bad news is that we are seeing the effects of warming ocean temperatures, sea level rise, and ocean acidification. The good news is there are things we can do locally that can help slow and mitigate impacts.

Casco Bay Begins in Your Backyard: How to have a green yard and a blue bay

Even if you live miles from the water, what you do to your yard can impact the ocean. After finding pesticides and fertilizers flowing into the Bay in 13 communities, Friends of Casco Bay launched BayScaping, a program for lawn care that does not rely on toxic chemicals. Find out why our ocean-based organization is working with neighboring communities to limit or stop their use of pesticides and fertilizers on land.  



We distribute Bay Papers in an “elevator speech” format at all of our events to help citizens understand and become conversant in issues that affect the health of Casco Bay.

“For Portland, Maine, the trend for mean sea level rise is 0.07 inches per year (1.9 mm/year)… The currently projected range of sea-level rise is 0.5 to 2.0 feet by 2050 (1.0 to 4.0 feet by 2100).” (Maine’s Climate Future Update 2015, University of Maine)

“Sea surface temperatures in the Gulf of Maine have already increased, as demonstrated by the 100-year record from Boothbay Harbor. Regional sea surface temperatures have increased almost 1.1°C (2°F) since 1970, and could rise another 3-4°C (6-8°F).” (Maine’s Climate Future: An Initial Assessment, 2009)

Casco Bay Plan 2016-2021:  The US Geological Survey currently estimates that Casco Bay will experience at least a 2-4-foot sea level rise by the end of this century.. (2015)