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Acidification and Climate Change

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Mike and Ivy on the Boat

Casco Bay Matters: Advancing the conversation—and action—on climate change

May 20, 2019

Living close to the ocean, Casco Bay residents are witnessing the effects of climate change happening here now: warming water temperatures, increasing ocean acidity, and more severe storms. We too are seeing the changes in our data and when we are out on the Bay. From April through October, our… Read more

Climate Change, Ocean Acidification, and You

March 15, 2019

Climate Change Science and Data The climate is changing faster than expected. Greenhouse gases, such as carbon dioxide and methane, are the culprits. The burning of fossil fuels for homes, industry, and transportation releases almost 10,000 million metric tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere every year. 1 Carbon dioxide… Read more

Out and About with the Casco Baykeeper

June 22, 2018

As always, Casco Baykeeper Ivy Frignoca has been on the move, working across Casco Bay, the state—and the nation—on efforts to protect the environmental health of Casco Bay. A peek into her appointment calendar shows some of the highlights so far this year, as she continued to track Legislative issues… Read more

MOCA Partners

Working With . . . MOCA Partners

May 30, 2017

Climate researchers have found that the ocean absorbs about 25% to 30% of the carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere from smokestacks and tailpipes. When this excess carbon dioxide mixes with water, it can make the water more acidic. This is called ocean acidification. More excess carbon dioxide can end… Read more

MOCA Partners

MOCA is on the Move

March 29, 2017

With increasing research showing that coastal acidification is a threat to Casco Bay, here’s what we’re doing about it. Why do scientists and sea farmers worry about acidifying seawater? Studies by researcher Dr. Mark Green and oyster grower Bill Mook have found that increasing the acidity of seawater can stress… Read more

Creating a Coalition to Work on Ocean Acidification

March 7, 2016

In January 2015, the Maine Ocean Acidification Study Commission submitted its report to the Maine Legislature, cataloguing actions to protect our marine resources from the effects of ocean acidification. A key recommendation was to establish an on-going Ocean Acidification Council to monitor research and measures taken to address ocean acidification.… Read more