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Meet our New Baykeeper

Ivy Frignoca and her dog Tiller
Ivy Frignoca and her dog Tiller

Ivy Frignoca has been on board for only a few months, and it’s already hard to recall when she wasn’t involved in Friends of Casco Bay. On a daily basis, she provides advice on permits and legislation, meets with our colleagues and friends, and exchanges the latest waterfront news with the rest of our staff.

Ivy’s professional history includes teaching marine and environmental science, advocating to protect Lake Champlain, and working on policies to protect and promote Vermont state parks and forests. Later, she went to law school to have an even greater impact advocating for the natural world.

As Senior Attorney with Conservation Law Foundation, where she first collaborated with Friends of Casco Bay, she specialized in Oceans, Clean Water, and Clean Air cases.

Now, Ivy is a partner and colleague in so many more ways. Ivy has updated coastal legislators of the Marine Caucus on issues we are tackling, helped defeat a bad bill that would have weakened Maine’s Oil Spill Prevention Law, submitted testimony on state and federal issues on behalf of Friends of Casco Bay, and has been interviewed by radio, TV, and print reporters. Ivy helped create the Maine Ocean and Coastal Acidification Partnership to continue the work of the Maine Ocean Acidification Study Commission. Although Ivy has long enjoyed spending time in and on the water, she now “feels an even stronger connection to Casco Bay, as its Baykeeper.”