Waterkeeper Alliance Launches “The Dirty Lie” Campaign

Posted on Apr 10, 2010

The coal industry and their lobbyists want you to believe coal is clean.  The truth is that coal pollutes our water, devastates our communities, forests, and mountains, kills wildlife and contributes to climate change.  Coal has poisoned our drinking water and our fish, contaminating our bodies and babies with mercury and other toxins.


Waterkeeper Alliance (of which Friends of Casco Bay is a founding member) recently launched The Dirty Lie, a fact-based online campaign debunking the clean coal con.  The campaign’s hub is a website that exposes the lies perpetuated by the coal industry, including the dirtiest lie of all: that coal can ever be clean.  The site shows scientific and legal facts, videos, and graphics, revealing the shocking truths about the destructiveness of the entire coal cycle—from its role in propping up an antiquated fossil-fuel-based economy to its adverse effects on our watersheds, our health, and our communities.  Find out what the coal industry doesn’t want you to know.