Community Service: Stenciling Storm Drains

Posted on Apr 30, 2013

Fish Campers StencilingDid you know that …

  • Many storm drains empty directly into Casco Bay, bypassing the wastewater treatment system
  • Rainwater flushes oil, trash, and lawn chemicals down storm drains and into Casco Bay
  • Residents sometimes unthinkingly dump trash and liquids down storm drains

Friends of Casco Bay educates residents and children about the threat stormwater pollution poses to the Bay. Whenever it rains, water flows from yards, roofs, parking lots, roads, and driveways into gutters and eventually into storm drains, picking up pollution and debris along the way. Storm drains are often a direct conduit for these pollutants into Casco Bay.

What can you do? Take to the streets! Since 2009, we have provided storm drain stenciling kits to classroom teachers, scout leaders, church groups, and camp directors for community service projects. Does your child love Casco Bay as much as you do? Parents looking for an alternative to a traditional birthday party might want to organize a neighborhood stenciling event!

Friends of Casco Bay lends all the equipment a group needs, for free:
Five stenciling kits, each of which contains a stencil, spray paint, traffic cones, reflective vests, a broom, and Nytrile gloves
A how-to guide with instructions for every step of the project, with ready-to-use forms for parents, news media, and chaperones, a list of public works officials in each coastal community to contact before stenciling, door hangers for educating neighbors about the activity, and stormwater curriculum activities
A kid-oriented, 6-minute DVD, produced especially for Friends of Casco Bay, which explains why and how to stencil storm drains

Contact Mary Cerullo at keeper [at] cascobay [dot] org or 799-8574 to ask about borrowing the kits from our office in South Portland. We will explain how to request permission in your community before taking to the streets.