Casco Bay Needs Your Help!

Posted on Nov 15, 2013

Please contact the Maine Legislators below to let them know they need to confront Ocean Acidification in Maine NOW.

As you know from our newsletters and presentations, Friends of Casco Bay/Casco Baykeeper considers Ocean Acidification and Coastal Acidification to be dangerous threats to our coastal waters and to the shellfish that make up a significant share of our Maine marine fisheries.

Next week, a committee of ten Maine legislators will decide what bills will go before the entire Legislature in the coming months. Because this is an abbreviated legislative session, only emergency measures will be considered.

The Legislative Council initially rejected a bill to study ocean acidification, its impacts, and how we can fight it, but it will hear an appeal by the bill’s sponsor, Representative Michael Devin, D-Newcastle, next week. He stated, “If left unchecked, ocean acidification could cause major losses to Maine’s major inshore shellfisheries, including clams, oysters, lobsters, shrimp and sea urchins, risking thousands of jobs and billions of dollars in the state’s economy.”

Please take a moment to contact the members of the Legislative Council to ask that they allow the entire Maine Legislature to consider LR 2511: Establishing a Commission to Study the Effects of Ocean Acidification and its Potential Impacts on Commercial Shellfish Harvested and Grown along the Coast of Maine. 

For more information about ocean acidification, view or download our Ocean Acidification and Coastal Acidification Bay Paper.

Friends of Casco Bay has sent a letter to each of the Legislative Council members.


Our talking points are summarized below:

  • As the waters of coastal Maine become more acidic, they are becoming increasingly inhospitable to the marine animals that constitute our valuable marine resources.
  • At pH (acidity) levels found in some parts of Casco Bay today, newly-settled clams dissolve completely.
  • Friends of Casco Bay has confirmed that acidification is altering the very mud in which juvenile clams, mussels, and oysters are attempting to establish a foothold.
  • Please restore LR 2511 for consideration in this session of the Legislature. It truly qualifies as an emergency measure.


THANK YOU for helping to protect and improve the environmental health of Casco Bay—and the entire coast of Maine! 


Please help get the issue before the entire Maine Legislature by contacting members of the Legislative Council. You can send one message addressed to all Legislative Council members by copying the following into the address of an email message:,,,,,,,,,

Please contact Rep. Devin via email ( or phone (975-3132) if you have questions. 


To contact each member of the Legislative Council individually:

President Alfond, 232-4187,

Senator Anne Haskell, 712-1244,

Senator Troy Jackson, 436-0763,

Senator Roger Katz, 485-2394,

Senator Mike Thibodeau, 233-5177,

Speaker Eves, 850-0516,

*Representative Seth Berry, 522-1609,

*Representative Jeff McCabe, 399-3185,

*Representative Ken Fredette, 368-4242,

Representative Alex Willette, 689-8332,

(*Please note that Reps. Berry, McCabe and Fredette are already supportive)