2016 Citizen Steward Milestones

Posted on Jan 25, 2017

25 Year Award Recipient

Andrew Bertocci

Water Quality Site: Yankee Marina ~ Yarmouth
In 1992, the pilot year of our volunteer water quality monitoring program, Andy began duties as a Citizen Steward at Princes Point in Yarmouth. Later, Andy helped to cover the site at Yankee Marina.
In 1995, Andy was hired by Friends of Casco Bay to expand the water quality program to northeastern Casco Bay. For several years, Andy ran training for new monitors and supervised Quality Assurance sessions.
In the second year of our Vessel Pumpout program, Andy was hired as Pumpout Coordinator, a job he held for several seasons. He operated the pumpout boat Baykeeper II, provided public education, and worked with many marinas to establish their own pumpout facilities.
For 10 years, Andy managed a rockweed harvesting and processing operation in Brunswick and producing the raw materials for equine, human, and canine micronutrient supplementation. He subsequently became an independent seaweed consultant, working with companies worldwide in their investigation of viable uses for seaweed resources, including seaweed paper. His interests and skills have taken him in diverse directions since that time.
Andy wants to recognize his wife Jeanie, who has facilitated his involvement with Friends of Casco Bay, and his daughter Maggie, who at age 7, trained as a water quality monitor and assisted us for five seasons, earning her 5-year Award hat!


15 Year Award Recipient

Rick Meisenbach

Water Quality Site: Lookout Point ~ Harpswell
Rick has traveled and lived all over the world, from Europe to Asia to Hawaii, only to find Harpswell, Maine, was the ideal place to settle down and raise a family. Growing up, Rick summered on the shores of Casco Bay and has been an enthusiastic sailor all his life. By living on the ocean, Rick has come to appreciate all of its benefits. It has been a joy giving back by being a Citizen Steward and collecting data on water quality in Casco Bay for the past 15 years.
Rick has been also been one of Harpswell’s top producing real estate brokers. He currently works with his wife Jane at The Maine Real Estate Network, specializing in waterfront properties.


10 Year Award Recipients

Jan and Tom Brudzinski

Water Quality Site: Orr’s Bailey Yacht Club ~ Orr’s Island
Jan and Tom are residents of Orr’s Island, with some cold-weather time in Portland. Their monitoring site on Harpswell Sound is visible from their home. After moving to Maine fulltime, they found that volunteering for Friends of Casco Bay was a way to protect the Maine environment they love.
Jan is a retired teacher and is now an avid reader. Tom retired from a fulltime career in design. Now in his encore career, Tom still does design consulting and applying his artistic and marketing skills to “telling the stories of Maine lobsters.”


5 Year Award Recipients

Deb Debiegun

Water Quality Site: Cousin’s River, Muddy Rudder ~ Yarmouth
Deb loves volunteering with Friends of Casco Bay. Dissolved Oxygen (DO) titrations on her kitchen counter while the kids are eating breakfast and she’s drinking her coffee just makes her smile. Deb currently samples on the Cousins River, a short skip from her home in Yarmouth. As a marine scientist and a science teacher, one of her favorite aspects of her water quality sampling is when someone asks, “What are you doing?” Deb sought out Friends of Casco Bay soon after relocating to Maine from Rhode Island, and she has been roping in her family and students to assist ever since.


Carol Nale

Water Quality Site: Cousin’s River, Muddy Rudder ~ Yarmouth
Carol grew up sailing on the South Shore of Massachusetts. Her dad built her her first sailboat when she was eight, and she’s loved sailing and being out on the water ever since. Carol graduated from UMO and then became a permanent Mainiac, living in Yarmouth and then in South Freeport. She is a retired special education teacher, has three children and three grandsons. Hobbies include kayaking, biking, golf, swimming, skiing, and hiking—enjoying everything the great Maine outdoors has to offer.


Mary Holman

Water Quality Site: Chandler’s Cove Wharf and Stone Pier ~ Chebeague Island
Mary first became involved in water quality testing in the early 1990s when she lived with her family on the Royal River in North Yarmouth. For many years, she served on the Board of Directors of the Friends of the Royal River. In the 1990s, she directed a volunteer program of water quality testing at 28 sites on the river and its tributaries.
Her professional career was spent conducting biomedical research at institutions in several states. She and her husband moved to Chebeague Island in 2011, where she helps to cover two testing sites for Friends of Casco Bay.