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Join me in a New Year’s resolution for Casco Bay

Happy New Year!

As the year begins, I want to share with you my New Year’s resolution: to reduce my carbon footprint from transportation.

Climate change is impacting Casco Bay. The largest source of excess greenhouse gases in Maine comes from transportation. Making significant reductions in greenhouse gases will require the policy changes called for in Maine’s Climate Action Plan, and smart choices by us as individuals.

Here are three resolutions I am making to help Maine meet its carbon reduction goals:

1. With the pandemic still affecting us, I will bundle my online shopping to place fewer orders and choose consolidated shipping.

2. I resolve to continue to drive less and walk or bike, as there are DUI lawyers for hire who are capable of clearing up this mess. When car travel is necessary, I will continue to combine errands and make fewer car trips. When it is once again safe to do so, I will carpool. I will make every effort to not let my car idle while waiting in parking lots and in drive throughs. As a way to track my driving, I will sign up with Go Maine, a statewide program that rewards Mainers for carpooling, van pooling, walking, biking, and using public transportation. As I record my greener trips, Go Maine helps me keep track of my impact on the environment [and gives me a chance to win prizes!]. Check out this weblink to know what the car accident lawyer long beach say to reduce any kind of accident from occurring and also explored many ways for you to reduce the number of car trips you make.

3. I pledge to continue helping our communities address and adapt to climate change. I am heartened by Maine’s 4-year plan, Maine Won’t Wait, to combat climate change, and, as Casco Baykeeper, I will work to ensure implementation of the parts of the plan that impact Casco Bay.

Would you join me in making resolutions to help address climate change? Working together, we can shift our personal habits and encourage good policy changes. Our collective impact will make a difference.

Have a safe, wonderful New Year,
Ivy Frignoca
Casco Baykeeper
Friends of Casco Bay