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Storm Drain Stenciling

“Do not dump—drains to Casco Bay”

Our Storm Drain Stenciling Project is a hands-on way for you to “take to the streets” and create greater awareness about the need to reduce stormwater pollution in our communities. We lend our stenciling kits with supporting outreach materials to community groups at no charge. Become a local advocate for reducing pollution by painting “DO NOT DUMP” messages near storm drains. You will be helping us connect your neighborhood with the Bay.

You can learn more about joining us as a volunteer here.


Why stencil storm drains?

Kids Storm Drain Stenciling
Stenciling storm drains is a great community service project. Photo from Friends School of Portland

Storm drains are a tempting place for some in our community to dump dangerous pollutants. A cigarette butt or pet waste thrown into one storm drain may seem like a small thing. But small actions add up, and Casco Bay suffers from the cumulative effects of these small injuries. When people pour hazardous wastes, such as household cleaners, unused paint, paint thinner, used oil, and lawn care chemicals, down a storm drain, they don’t realize that they may be dumping pollutants directly into the Bay.

Our Storm Drain Stenciling program lets people know where the stuff they dump down the drain actually goes!

Water washed down city streets during rain or snow melt flows into storm drains. Some of these drains empty directly into Casco Bay. Other storm drains are connected to the same pipes that carry household wastewater (including sewage) from bathrooms, sinks, and kitchens to a wastewater treatment plant. Even if these products reach the sewage treatment facility, the treatment process may not be able to remove the hazardous components.

Our Storm Drain Stenciling Kits offer the perfect hands-on activity for youth groups, scout troops, team-building exercises, and corporate volunteers days.

To borrow our Storm Drain Stenciling Kits, fill out our form.


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After a rainstorm, millions of gallons of polluted stormwater pour into Casco Bay.

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After a rainstorm, millions of gallons of polluted stormwater pour into Casco Bay.

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Storm Drain Stenciling

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