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Report pollution

As you’re out and about, keep an eye out for signs of pollution like oil spills, sewage discharges, and dumping. If you encounter an incident, please report it to the appropriate authority.

Tell Friends of Casco Bay

We love to hear and see what you encounter out on the Bay, the good and the bad. Let us know the wildlife you are seeing, or signs of pollution like oil spills, sewage discharges, and dumping. Sending photos is always a good idea! When you share photos with us, let us know if we can use them on our social media and website.

207-799-8574 or keeper [at] cascobay [dot] org

Our office is open Monday – Friday, 8:30 am – 5 pm.

Search and Rescue Emergencies

Contact the Coast Guard for emergencies on the Bay and search and rescue needs: 207-799-1680

Red Tide Hotline

To find out about the latest shellfish closures, contact the Maine Department of Marine Resources’s hotline: 800-232-4733

Oil Spill Emergencies

If you see an oil spill or a sheen on the water, please call both the Coast Guard and the Maine Department of Environmental Protection (DEP).

Coast Guard: 800-424-8802

DEP’s 24 hour Oil Spill Response Line: 800-482-0777

Then, call us at (207) 799-8574

Sewage Discharges from Boats

Casco Bay is a No Discharge Area. If you see or suspect sewage releases from boats in the Bay, contact the Bureau of Marine Patrol and DEP.

Bureau of Marine Patrol, Department of Marine Resources: 207-633-9595

DEP: 207-287-7905

Injured Birds and Wildlife

If you see injured birds or wildlife, keep your distance and contact the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries & Wildlife and the Center for Wildlife. If the animal reacts to your presence, you are too close. Ask other people in the area to stay away, and keep dogs at a safe distance. Note the animal’s size, markings, body condition, and whether or not there are any wounds. Take a photo if you can. Note the location of the animal and any significant landmarks.

Maine Department of Inland Fisheries & Wildlife, Public Information Office: 207-287-8000

Center for Wildlife: 207-361-1400

Marine Mammal Stranding

If you see a stranded mammal, such as a seal pup or a whale, contact the Marine Stranding Collaborative and the New England Aquarium’s hotline. Follow the same instructions as above.

Marine Stranding Collaborative: 800-532-9551

New England Aquarium Hotline: 617-973-5247

Hypodermic Needles/Syringes

needlesThe discovery of a carelessly discarded syringe can occur almost anywhere. Often times illegal drug use is associated with these syringes. Whether it is on a beach or in a city park, discarded syringes pose a threat of infection or disease.

NEVER pick up a syringe, as it can contain pathogens. This is what you should do if you encounter a discarded syringe:

  • Don’t touch it.
  • If it is on a beach staffed with a lifeguard, report it to him/her.
  • If it is necessary to leave the location, mark it somehow for future identification.
  • Call a local enforcement agency (police or town hall) and ask if they can send someone with a biohazard disposal kit and tongs; they can remove the needles and deliver them to a disposal site
  • Report it to the Department of Environmental Protection at 800-482-0777.

If you are pricked by a needle, call Maine Center for Disease Control at 800-821-5821 and ask to speak to an epidemiologist.

Stormwater Pollution

Storm drains empty into Casco Bay. Never dump waste into storm drains. If you see a violation please report it to your City or Town Public Works or Water Quality department.

Cover photo: Photograph by Kevin Morris