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Other Ways You Can Help Casco Bay


Photograph by Kevin Morris

By donating, you’ll be supporting local initiatives in research, education, and advocacy.

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Photograph by Dave Dostie

When you volunteer, you help us protect the Bay in a variety of ways, from data collection to cleaning up shorelines to stuffing envelopes.

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Cover photo: Photograph by Kevin Morris

Learn how others have helped and how you can help:

How can our coast be more resilient to climate change?

February 4, 2021

We are seeing the effects of climate change in Maine, with more changes looming in the years ahead. It may be hard to imagine how rising seas, larger storms, and storm surges may impact our roads, homes, and quality of life in the decades ahead. Yet, we still have time… Read more

Our top 10 moments of 2020

January 4, 2021

As this very odd year comes to a close, let’s celebrate the large and small ways our community helped us protect the health of Casco Bay in 2020. Here are our top ten for the year: 1.) On December 2, the Maine Climate Council released its four-year Climate Action Plan, “Maine Won’t Wait.” We… Read more

October and November 2020 Water Reporter Posts of the Month

December 15, 2020

What has 240 pairs of eyes and cares about the health of Casco Bay? Our network of volunteer Water Reporters! And even with colder weather descending on our region, our Water Reporters continue to stay connected to the Bay. Steve Fielding and Karla Talanian are among the dozens of volunteers… Read more