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A Changing Casco Bay: An update on the health of our coastal waters

Friends of Casco Bay works year-round on threats to clean water, such as sewage overflows, oil spills, ocean acidification, as well as green slime, red tides, and dead zones, all related to nitrogen pollution from fertilizers and stormwater runoff. See how these issues impact the overall health of our coastal waters through data collected by our staff and army of volunteers.

Save the Steamers! How coastal acidification is killing our clams

Why are shellfish disappearing in parts of Casco Bay where they were once plentiful? Excess nitrogen from sewage, fertilizers, and fossil fuel emissions is having a devastating impact as clam flats become more acidic, clammers no longer can find clams in traditional harvesting areas.


How We Take the Pulse of Casco Bay: Water quality monitoring

At its core, Friends of Casco Bay is a scientific organization with an environmental agenda. Learn about what we test for and why. Data collected by staff and citizen scientists for nearly a quarter-century provides insights into the environmental health of Casco Bay—and how we can care for it.


Bay Papers: What you can do—and get others to do—about threats to Maine’s coast

Our Bay Papers, ocean-themed elevator speeches, are designed to help everyone be able to engage and explain issues that threaten our coastal waters and suggest solutions that you and your neighbors can do to address problems, including nitrogen pollution, ocean acidification, and snow dumping.


How Is Climate Change Affecting Casco Bay—and You?

Get out your galoshes. Scientists are planning for a two-foot sea level rise along the Maine coast and predicting a 2-6 degree Fahrenheit rise in the water temperature in the Gulf of Maine over the next century. Changes in ocean chemistry are already making many clam flats inhospitable to shellfish. The bad news is that we are already seeing the effects of warming ocean temperatures, sea level rise, and ocean acidification. The good news is there are things we can do locally that can help mitigate their impacts.


Casco Bay Begins in Your Backyard: How to have a green yard and a blue bay

Even if you lives miles from the water, what you do to your yard can impact the ocean. After finding pesticides and fertilizers flowing into the Bay in 13 communities, Friends of Casco Bay launched BayScaping, a lawn care program that doesn’t rely on chemicals.

Contact Mary Cerullo: mcerullo [at] cascobay [dot] org 799-8574