What is a Baykeeper without a Boat?

Posted on Jun 17, 2012

Casco BAYKEEPER® Joe Payne has been the “eyes and ears” of the Bay for over 20 years, investigating pollution, conducting research, and educating decision-makers and the general public about issues that threaten the Bay. Joe and fellow Friends of Casco Bay staff members are on the water year-round assessing the health of the Bay, assisted by a volunteer corps of 75 citizen scientists. When the conservation organization takes a stand on an issue that impacts Casco Bay, it is backed it up by 20 years of credible data.

A boat is as essential to the work of the Baykeeper as a horse was to the range riders of the Old West. No wonder that Joe Payne refers to his aging vessel as a workhorse that has served him well for nearly 18 years. “However, downtime and maintenance costs have been increasing, and the boat is sometimes not available when we need it most. It’s prudent, in terms of safety and reliability, for us to have a new boat—new, at least to us!”

Friends of Casco Bay has launched a Baykeeper Boats Fund campaign to replace the Baykeeper vessel and build a maintenance fund.

You can learn more about the Baykeeper Boats Fund here.