We’re underway on the Bay!

Posted on Dec 2, 2013

Thank you to everyone who helped 

Friends of Casco Bay with our

Baykeeper Boats Fund Campaign.



The mission of Friends of Casco Bay/Casco Baykeeper® is to improve and protect the environmental health of Casco Bay.

We can’t do that without a BOAT.

And we couldn’t do that without YOU!

Thank you so much for making it possible to purchase & retrofit our new Baykeeper boat, the Research Vessel (R/V) Joseph E. Payne!

Photo by: Dennis Welsh

Photo by: Dennis Welsh


  1. 12/12/13

    I a curious as to why people on the boat were not at least wearing suspenders if not a PFD. I teach cold water safety for the local rowing crew and your chance of surviving in CB without a PFD, preferably a Type I in the cold weather, are minimal at best after about 10 minutes in the water due to immobility.

    Something to think about for all crew and passengers too.



    • Hi Dave. Thank you for your comment. You make a lot of good points. Our staff often wear PFDs but for this photo shoot we did not wear one.

      Safety is a priority for us and we have strict PFD rules. All year we require anyone alone on a boat to wear a PFD. From November to April we have very strict protocol to wear Sterns or Mustang full body floatation work suits. In the winter we also require that staff on our boat have hourly radio check in with our office.

      That being said, this video was taken in September, during warm weather, with another boat very close by and with another person on the boat at all times (below deck out of view for the photo).

      Thank you for your concern for the safety of our staff.
      -Friends of Casco Bay

  2. Congratulations! She’s a beauty!! What’s her name?
    Its great to see a WK program get a boat like that.

    Quad Cities WATERKEEPER

  3. Nice name!! Was joking. Makes me smile.