Peter Milholland is a licensed Mariner!

Posted on Mar 8, 2016

Photos by Dennis Welsh

Photos by Dennis Welsh

Last Sunday, February 28, after weeks of intensive study, our Citizen Stewards Coordinator Peter Milholland passed the U.S Coast Guard exam for Master Mariner License. It authorizes Peter to operate both uninspected and inspected vessels up to the tonnage printed on his license (to be determined by the Coast Guard after Peter submits documentation on his many years of sea service).

In order to qualify for his Master Mariner License, Peter passed a grueling 8-hour exam that included questions on navigation rules, general safety, general seamanship, and coastal piloting. In addition, he had to have accumulated at least 720 days of boating experience (which he far exceeds).

Now we can officially address Peter as Captain or Master.

Congratulations to Captain Peter Milholland, Master of the RV Joseph E. Payne!