Donate Your Boat

Boat Donation Program

Friends of Casco Bay has launched a boat donation program to support our marine stewardship work. Should you ever contemplating selling your boat, we invite you to consider donating it to Friends of Casco Bay. Our Boat Donation Program is a partnership with the Maritime Funding Association of Maine.


Donating your boat has several advantages over selling it:

Through our program you can deduct the full appraised value of your vessel as a charitable deduction in the year in which it is donated. You will not be limited to its immediate sale value.

You may see immediate savings on your taxes close to the amount you would net from a sale, especially after considering expenses such as brokerage fees, storage, insurance and necessary improvements.

Donating your boat removes the hassle of offers, counter offers, and constant inquiries from buyers who are shopping for a “bargain.”

You would have the satisfaction of knowing that your boat is going to a worthy cause as it supports our efforts to improve and protect the waters that we all enjoy.

While we cannot accept every boat, we have no restriction on age or type of vessel. We require that the boat is operable and in seaworthy condition.

Please contact Will Everitt at 207-799-8574 or willeveritt [at] cascobay [dot] org if you would like to discuss more specifics about this program.