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Protecting the Presumpscot

Friends of Casco Bay collects water quality data from the Presumpscot River to support our advocacy to improve its health. Using a data sonde, data is collected every 15 minutes, 24 hours a day. The Presumpscot is the largest river that flows into Casco Bay.

Nabbing Nitrogen

165 volunteers join Friends of Casco Bay to collect 178 water samples from Portland Harbor. The samples will be analyzed for total nitrogen and support our advocacy to reduce nitrogen pollution. These data will build on the dataset from our first Nab, held in 2016.

Executive Director Cathy Ramsdell Retires

Cathy Ramsdell retires after serving as Executive Director of Friends of Casco Bay for more than 18 years. Throughout her tenure, Cathy was widely credited with securing Friends of Casco Bay’s programmatic and financial foundation, relying on her career experience in accounting, marine ecology, and non-profit organizational development.

1.5 Million Fewer Pounds of Nitrogen

Following plant upgrades and improved techniques at Portland’s East End Wastewater Treatment Facility in 2017, the facility reduced the amount of nitrogen in its effluent by 1.5 million pounds over four years. These changes came out of collaborative discussions between the Portland Water District and Friends of Casco Bay.

Water Reporter By Sandy Marsters Portland Pier Sea Level Rise

Sea Level Rise Resolve Passes

Friends of Casco Bay helps to pass a bill that mandates critical updates to coastal land use and planning laws. These updates account for the projected impacts of climate change, such as rising sea levels, more intense storms, and increased precipitation.