Casco Bay Curriculum

Casco Bay Curriculum

Friends of Casco Bay developed the “place-based” Casco Bay Curriculum to help 4th through 6th grade teachers incorporate locally-focused environmental education into their classrooms. Our goal is to instill an ethic of stewardship in our youth, by helping them understand the immediate marine world around them through the use of hands-on science, inquiry activities, and actual data.

Most children will not be able to travel to rain forests or to the Arctic, but our communities’ students can experience Casco Bay first-hand. We seek to promote understanding about issues facing our community, demonstrate why these issues are important, and offer ideas on how they can be resolved.


The objectives of the Casco Bay Curriculum are to:

  • Provide teachers with current information about the health of Casco Bay;
  • Inform students about citizen actions that can protect the environment;
  • Foster a sense of stewardship for the Bay, the watershed and the environment; and,
  • Demonstrate how environmental issues facing our communities can be resolved.


“The Casco Bay Curriculum has been one of the best – if not the best – units we’ve used. The units expand upon our existing school curriculum, and the hands-on activities are very engaging for all types of learners.”

-Diane D. Boas, Director, 21st Century Community Learning Program, South Portland



Interested in Using the Curriculum in Your Classroom?

Please contact Mary Cerullo at 207-799-8574 or mcerullo [at] cascobay [dot] org


The Casco Bay Curriculum has been generously supported by:

  • Aristotle Fund of the Maine Community Foundation
  • Bank of America Foundation
  • Captain Planet Foundation
  • Cole Haan
  • Cumberland County Soil & Water Conservation District
  • Edward H. Daveis Benevolent Fund
  • Horizon Foundation
  • Margaret E. Burnham Charitable Trust
  • Morton-Kelly Charitable Trust
  • National Semiconductor
  • Portland Pipe Line
  • Simmons Foundation
  • Unum
  • and the Members of Friends of Casco Bay


What’s in the Curriculum?

The Casco Bay Curriculum is based on Friends of Casco Bay’s scientific data, along with worksheets, background readings, and maps. The Curriculum exemplifies a data-driven, placed-based approach to environmental education.

How Is Climate Change Impacting the Coast of Maine?

We offer professional development workshops for teachers in elementary and middle school as an introduction to current knowledge about the impacts of warming ocean temperatures, sea level rise, and ocean acidification.  We will preview four activities from the curriculum that illustrate rising sea level (King Tides), invasive species (Attack of the Green Crab), changing ecosystem (Winners and Losers Bingo), andCO2 as a game changer for shellfish and other sea creatures (Acid Ocean).

FMI: Contact Mary Cerullo for information about workshops and detailed information on the Curriculum’s modules at mcerullo [at] cascobay [dot] org. Workshops are only offered in the Casco Bay region.


Curriculum Highlights

Our efforts to promote the Curriculum are garnering interest in our unique and data-driven activities. We are delighted to report that South Portland’s 5th grade teachers have incorporated the Casco Bay Curriculum into their self-designed marine science curriculum.

Another highlight for us is that the Curriculum was featured at the National Marine Educators Association’s conference in Annapolis, MD. This event draws classroom teachers and informal educators from around the country and as far away as Japan and Australia.


Help Fund the Casco Bay Curriculum

Your donation will help educate Maine’s future leaders about environmental stewardship. Donate here and write “Curriculum” in the designation box. Thank you!