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What can you do to help the Bay this summer?

Shop local food
Buy local food at your local farmer’s market.

Hooray! It’s officially summer! We are finally getting outside—in our own backyards, on road trips, and on or near Casco Bay. We have a few easy actions you can take to protect our coastal waters while you savor summer.

  • Buy fresh food from local farmers. Buying local reduces gasoline used for the transportation of goods and services.
  • You’re doing even more for Casco Bay if you grow your own veggies.
  • Walk or bike more places. It’s good for you and for Casco Bay.
  • Check the pressure of your car tires. Cars use less gasoline when the tires are properly inflated and engines are tuned up.
  • Don’t put fertilizers on your lawn. Your lawn likely doesn’t need them—and neither does the Bay. Nitrogen-laden fertilizers lead to algae blooms in our coves and nearshore waters.
  • Pick up pet poop.

Want more ideas for ways to help the Bay? Check out our list of 60 suggestions: https://cascobay.org/you-can-make-a-difference-in-the-health-of-casco-bay. (This is a section of our report A Changing Casco Bay.)

Photo by Kevin Morris