Boat Pumpout Program

Pumpout Program: Keeping Sewage Out of the Bay

Our pumpout captain Jim Splude can be reached at pumpout [at] cascobay [dot] org or (207) 776-0136.

Our pumpout boat helps recreational boaters do the right thing by providing a convenient, legal way of disposing of vessel sewage from marine toilets. Our pumpout coordinator helps boat owners locate and operate shoreside facilities and can also pump out their holding tanks at their dock or mooring. Since 1995, Friends of Casco Bay’s pumpout boat has kept over nearly 150,000 gallons of raw sewage from being dumped into our coastal waters.

Sign up to be a Friends of Casco Bay pumpout customer for the 2017 season by filling our registration form. We provide service South Portland to Freeport).

Jim Splude is Friends of Casco Bay’s Pumpout Coordinator, running our small vessel sewage removal service from May through October. Jim, a native of Portland, has nearly 20 years of experience working in and around marinas. Jim Splude can be reached at pumpout [at] cascobay [dot] org or  (207) 776-0136.

For a fee of $10 for 20 gallons, he will pump out marine toilets from recreational boats between South Portland and Freeport. Owners do not have to be present, but he is happy to teach small boat handlers how to perform the task themselves.


Is Your Shoreside Pumpout Station Working?

The Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) funds and maintains the 21 pumpout stations in Casco Bay. You can find out information about your local shoreside location here. If you find that your local shoreside facility is not working or inaccessible, we urge you to contact Pam Parker at the DEP at (207) 287-7905 or by email at Pamela [dot] D [dot] Parker [at] maine [dot] gov. Reporting such incidences will help us provide local marinas with the mechanical services and funds required to ensure pumpout stations are functional and easy-to-use.


What Does the “No Discharge Area” Mean for Boaters?

Casco Bay has been designated a No Discharge Area, which makes it illegal to dump boat sewage within three miles of the coast — anywhere from Small Point to Two Lights.


Help Fund the Pumpout Program

Your donation will help keep sewage out of Casco Bay. Donate here and write “Pumpout” in the designation box. Thank you!