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Become a pollution detective

Become a Pollution Detective!

What is polluted runoff? What are sources of pollution in stormwater runoff? (pesticides & fertilizers, pet wastes, litter, oil & road salt, soil & sand, leaky septic systems, motor oil)
On the next rainy day, grab your rain gear and boots, and investigate your own neighborhood for evidence of these actual or suspected sources of water pollution.


____ Dirty water flowing downhill into a stream, gully, or other water body


____ A worn, straight path that leads toward a gully, road, or stream


____ A storm drain that is blocked by leaves and other debris


____ Bare ground where soil can wash away in the rain


____ Oil stain on a driveway or road that indicates oil or gas dripping


____ Pet waste


____ Other evidence of stormwater pollution