Bay Papers

Casco Bay belongs to all of us, and it takes a community of champions to protect the Bay!

You can help Friends of Casco Bay improve and protect the environmental health of our coastal waters by being informed about the issues we are working on. Our Bay Papers make it easy!

Each Bay Paper is written to help you:

  • Understand the issue at a glance
  • Get the background information you need to explain the issue to others
  • Take action to reduce bad impacts on the health of the Bay
  • Learn how Friends of Casco Bay is attacking the problem

By reaching out to your neighbors, colleagues, friends, and family, you can be a Champion for the health of the Bay.

The Casco Bay Health Index Bay Paper

How Healthy Is Casco Bay?

Friends of Casco Bay has developed the Casco Bay Health Index, an easy-to-interpret, visual guide to the health of the Bay. The Index allows us to integrate data from selected water quality properties into a single value to rank and compare each site as Good, Fair, or Poor.

Learn more in our Casco Bay Health Index Bay Paper.


You Can Make a Difference Bay Paper

Friends of Casco Bay is showing you how you can make a difference in the health of Casco Bay

Confronting the consequences of climate change and the changing chemistry of our oceans—specifically, the carbon dioxide that threatens our coastal waters—may seem daunting, but Maine has many advantages to help it meet the challenge. Even if you adopt only one or two of the suggestions below, you will be helping to improve the health of Casco Bay.

Learn more in our You Can Make a Difference Bay Paper.


Download our You Can Make a Difference Bay Paper



Nitrogen Bay Paper

Friends of Casco Bay is fighting nitrogen pollution

Have you noticed that more and more of our coves and inlets are carpeted with green slime?

  • Nitrogen pollution is a problem in parts of Casco Bay.
  • Nitrogen runoff makes the water less healthy for marine life.
  • Nitrogen fertilizes algae blooms that choke out clams and other intertidal creatures.

Learn more in our Nitrogen Bay Paper.


Download our Nitrogen Bay Paper



Ocean Acidification Bay Paper

Friends of Casco Bay is sounding the alarm on ocean acidification


Did you know that acidic mud could wipe out clam harvesting in Casco Bay?

Why? Sea water is becoming more acidic, which weakens or simply dissolves the shells of small clams, oysters, and other shellfish. Learn more in our Ocean Acidification Bay Paper.


Download our Ocean Acid Bay Paper



Sewage Bay Paper

Friends of Casco Bay is working to stop sewage from polluting Casco Bay


Did you know that when it rains, raw sewage, polluted rainwater, and industrial wastewater pour into Casco Bay?

This toxic soup can sicken swimmers, make seafood unsafe to eat, and harm marine life.

Learn more in our Sewage Bay Paper.


Download our Sewage Bay Paper



Snow Dump Bay Paper

Friends of Casco Bay says, “Keep plowed snow away from our coastal waters.”



Did you know that “pure as the driven snow” is anything but?

Learn more about how plowed snow impacts Casco Bay by reading our Snow Bay Paper.


Download our Snow Bay Paper



Tips for green yards to keep Casco Bay blue

Did you know that the fertilizers and pesticides that are applied to your lawn may end up in Casco Bay?

Learn more about how to care for your lawn by downloading BayScaping: Tips for green yards to keep Casco Bay blue and Does your lawn care professional BayScape?

Download BayScaping: Tips to keep Casco Bay Blue Download Does your lawn care professional BayScape?