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Financials for Friends of Casco Bay

Building a Resilient Organization

Your investment will give us the organizational capacity to grow our volunteer base and our organization. Building the resiliency of our organization is important. Our balance sheet remains strong, with ample working capital, no long-term debt, and three restricted funds that help support our work. We are growing our budget sustainably through continually seeking new donors and by building long-term relationships with existing supporters. Our membership and volunteer base has grown significantly in recent years. We have more than 2,400 annual active household members and financial supporters of our organization. We are making sure that any donation—no matter the size—is recognized appropriately in a personal way.

Friends of Casco Bay is a 501 (c)(3). For more information please see the following documents:

Tax ID #01-0452620 Letter of Determination for Friends for Casco Bay

Annual Report for APR 1, 2022 – MAR 31, 2023- Friends of Casco Bay

990 for APR 1, 2022 – MAR 31, 2022 – Friends of Casco Bay

Financial Statements for APR 1, 2022 – MAR 31, 2023 – Friends of Casco Bay