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A statement of solidarity and support

Casco Bay belongs to everyone.

This is more than just a phrase to those of us who work at Friends of Casco Bay.

We work to improve and protect the health of this special place for everyone. Like you, we are deepening our conversations with one another as a group and as individuals, about systemic racism, tyranny, and violence in our country and our community. We are not experts at confronting the depth of injustices we are seeing in our nation.

We are taking time to listen and to learn.

Disproportionately, black people, people of color, and indigenous people have long borne the brunt of pollution and the effects of climate change. These environmental injustices are intertwined with structural racism.

Black lives matter. We stand in solidarity with the activists and organizations who are leading the call for justice and accountability.

This is a long-overdue moment for communities to come together and change behaviors and systems. This begins with listening and learning. And we know it does not stop there.

Most sincerely,
Cathy, Jeff, Jim, Ivy, Mike, Sara, Sarah, and Will